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simplehuman ST2031 58 litre sensor bin with voice and motion sensor

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Our rectangular sensor bin with voice control opens at the sound of your voice. Just say, "open can" and the lid opens automatically, so throwing rubbish away is quick, efficient and hassle-free.
You can also say, “stay open” while performing longer chores or cooking, and the lid won’t close until you say, “close can” (or it will close automatically after 10 minutes).
It also has a motion sensor that opens the bin with a wave of your hand and is smart enough to adapt to you and the surrounding environment — no false triggers, no unexpected lid closures.
This bin features our innovative 'liner pocket,' which stores and dispenses liners from inside the bin for a faster liner change.
The liner rim lifts up for easy access to the liner, then closes to grip and keep it neatly out of sight.
An invisible nano-silver clear coat protects stainless steel from fingerprints and germs.
Code Q liner refill packs store perfectly in this bin's liner pocket.
material: brushed stainless steel
Coating: nano-silver clear coat
Power source: plug-in power adapter (included) or 6 AA alkaline batteries
Capacity: 58 litre
What's in the box: rectangular sensor can, plug-in power adapter, liner trial pack
Dimensions (closed/open): 47 x 33 x 63 / 88 cm

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